Heading home from Milan

I got to visit Milan one last time. It worked out really well because my friend Dan who lives here is moving back to Brazil next week and I got to see him and go to his going away party. … (read more)

Leaving Rome

I traveled for September, seeing new places (Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Florence, Berlin, Munich, Neuschwanstein, and Milan). For October and November I have been a part-time student, part-time tourist, part-time resident in Rome. I could immediately feel … (read more)


I’ve had an itchy rash developing over the last two weeks. Fillipa and Daniele called it an allergy, but I was pretty paranoid it was something like bed bugs. Especially since Daniele already had an “allergy” and that seemed like … (read more)



For Halloween Danielle and I went to Old Calcata with another couple, Gerlando and Valentina (I’m probably not spelling those right). Calcata has a pretty interesting history. “In the 1930s, the hill towns’s fortified historic center was condemned by the … (read more)

First month in Rome

I have finished my first month in Rome. I didn’t write very much during this time. At first everything was really busy and hard, then life seemed sort of everyday and not worth writing about. My first week all I … (read more)