kaitlynatcarnevaleThis is a travel blog. I talk about living the expat life, vacation-style traveling, slow traveling, Italy, Rome, and my own adventures.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling to new places on vacation (who doesn’t) and even more when I could spend a more extended time in a place, soaking in the way of life. Back in 2010, I quit my job in San Francisco, knowing I could get a new one when I wanted. I sold the stuff I didn’t need and sent the sentimental things to my parent’s house. Then finally, with just the next 6-months planned, I took off for my new nomad life.

In the beginning, I met up with different friends on vacation. In the time between, I visited beaches and cities that had been on my list to see for years. I traveled by myself, making friends in hostels along the way, and taking advice from these new friends on were to head next.

My first long stop was in Rome, were I arranged to take Italian classes on scholarship. Here I ended up meeting my now-husband. Resulting in my returning to Rome frequently, up until our marriage in June 2013. Now Rome is my base city and I keep my socks in a dresser rather than permanently in a suitcase.