I’m just leaving Milano now for Rome. I had a wonderful time. It makes me so happy to go back there and find the city more or less how I left it. When I lived there four years ago, the … (read more)

My mysterious absence

When I met up with Steve and Chris, my trip took on a faster pace and there was no blogging. At the same time I was in Germany without internet on my phone and there was no twittering. I didn’t … (read more)

München and Neuschwanstein Castle

I had a great ride into Munich. There was a guy in our sleeper car that had great stories and helped me get situated with the right subway ticket when we first arrived. I waited around in the airport for … (read more)


I couldn’t find a room in Zurich, so I decided to go to Berlin instead. I took an overnight train in and got in at 2 PM Thursday. I stayed at the Berlin Wombat Hostel for 2 nights. It’s the … (read more)

Cinque Terre, Second Time

I’m on my way out of Cinque Terre for the second time this trip. I’m so glad I went back, it was like getting more summer. I really liked having more warm beach time after my time in the Tuscan … (read more)


I spent four days in Volterra, though a bit of that up in my room or an internet cafe doing work. Lets hope that all works out and I can sustain this fabulous life of mine! That timing wasn’t an … (read more)

Leaving Siena

Since I didn’t feel well I took an extra day to have a low key pack up day on the 5th. I did laundry and packed most of my things. Did the last thing I needed to do in Siena: … (read more)

San Gimignano

Today I took a day trip to San Gimingnano. It is quite the tourist trap, small but famous for it’s beauty and still-standing towers, 14 of the original 60. My man, Rick Steves says “In the 13th century, back in … (read more)


When I first arrived in Siena I just crashed. I then took two full days to explore the city and it’s sights. The first day I got one of the tourist packages and did the Church, the Panorama, and a … (read more)


Today was a travel day. I left Cinque Terre in the morning, took the train to Pisa, visited Pisa, and took another train to Siena. Well, that was the plan anyway. In execution there were a few extra unadvertised transfers. … (read more)