Places to Eat in Rome

I’ll try to keep adding to this list!

Link to Map:

In Our Neighborhood

Underground Caffe
Right in front of the Ponte Lungo metro entrance (at Via Gela and Appia Nuovo).
Has seating.

Bar Rio
Just around the corner the other direction, at Via Tuscolana and Via Saluzzo.
Smaller, more traditional quick cafe taken at the bar style place.

La Cannoleria Siciliana
A little farther, at Piazza Re Di Roma. Also a pastry shop, so sweets do not sell out like a regular bar. They are slightly more expensive, but carry cornetti with almond, hazelnut, or pistachio cream filling — very special even in Italy and highly recommended!

Lunch / Dinner
In Our Neighborhood

Pizzeria dal Bersagliere
One of Rome’s best pizzerias is very close. Wood oven pizza is normally only for dinner, and that’s the case with this place, too. Very casual (slow service).

Dar Bruttone
Roman style dishes.

Trattoria Re Di Roma
Roman style dishes.

Locanda Rigatoni
By San Giovanni cathedral. They are delicious.
Right now if you make a reservation via The Fork website you get 1/2 off your total — which is a real steal.

Pizzeria Sanremo
Pizza and Kebab. Few tables but mostly to-go. Open all day. Great pizza by the slice or round pizza to order. Falafel and kebab also good.

Re Di Roma Pizza – La Casa del Supplì
Pizzeria at Piazza Re Di Roma. Tables, but no table service.
Famous for their suppli (fried rice balls). Besides pizza, there is a good selection of other ready foods.

Lunch / Dinner
Outside Our Neighborhood

La Villetta dal 1940
Near the Piramide Metro. Famous for Roman food (you could bump into an Italian celebrity or soccer player here). Highly recommend the pasta (but don’t get pizza here).

Il Margutta
High quality vegetarian place between the Spanish Steps and Piazza Popolo.
This is vegetarian food than anyone can appreciate.
They do a buffet for lunch and regular menu ordering for dinner.

Mò Mò Republic
Very chic with great prices. Great both for pizza, pasta, or less carb-heavy second courses.

Krishna 13
Indian near Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Happy Hour / “Aperitivo”
In Our Neighborhood

BRILÒ food & drink ROMA
Large Aparitivo (“Apericena”) farther down Via Appia Nuovo

Happy Hour / “Aperitivo”
Outside Our Neighborhood

In July and August: The Expo
A collection of temporary pubs, restaurants, and vendors along the tevere river bed.
Only in the summer.
Centered around the Tiburtina Island

Very large Aparitivo (“Apericena”) near Piazza/Metro Bologna.

In Our Neighborhood

La Cannoleria Siciliana
Mentioned above. A full pastry shop at Piazza Re Di Roma

Procopio Gelateria
Piazza Re di Roma

Il Gelato Tentatore
Farther down Appia Nuova, near Happia Shopping Mall

Gelateria I Caruso
Gelateria inside Happio Shopping Center

Pasticceria Antonetti
More Roman style pastries (not the Naples or Sicily ones you might expect). Cookies and the typical dessert of the current season.

Outside Our Neighborhood

Gelato and pastry off Via Cola di Rienzo, near metro Lepanto.

Della Palma
Gelato near the Pantheon. Many flavors… a sight to see!

La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro
Famous coffee near the Pantheon.
I recommend the “granita di caffe” (an espresso italian ice)

In Our Neighborhood

Open 27/7. Right by Tuscolana station.

More “brands”. Two nearby locations.

Outside Our Neighborhood

Castroni (two locations)
Great for gifts.