Arches National Park

This morning we left the Virginian Motel bright and early. Outside there were some bears; presumably rides for a local fair. We had breakfast across the street at the Moab Dinner—pretty good! That’s supposedly where all the locals go, and … (read more)

Hitting the road

Today we left Vegas and set off on our cross country trip. We finished our last packing and showers, checked out, and hit the road a little after 9am. I was too busy moving out of SF during the planning … (read more)

Even more Defcon and Vegas

Today Defcon was a bit calmer. I guess people leave early or are too hung over to go to talks. We all went to Schuyler’s talk “Attack the Key Own the Lock”, which was great. As well as “Repelling the … (read more)

More Defcon 18 and Las Vegas

Saturday at Defcon was ridiculously crowded. The justly-named Goons were not helping by forcing people into the most crowded place, the hallways, as far as possible from where anyone wanted to be. It was impossible to go to more than … (read more)

Defcon 18 and Las Vegas

Today is all about DEFCON. I went to the Keynote, which was Max Kelly the former facebook CSO; Open Public Sensors and Trend Monitoring; FOE, the release of Feed over email (a tool to combat censorship); a Meet the Feds … (read more)

Leaving San Francisco

I’ve started my gypsy adventure. Tuesday was my last day at work and Wednesday I moved out of San Francisco. Wednesday morning I still had a lot to get rid of, so I rented a man, named Rick, with a … (read more)