Pesto Day

Pesto Day

Daniele’s Mother makes pesto a few times each summer, when her and Daniele’s basil is growing. This time I helped. We harvested all our basil in the morning and brought it over. Then theirs. It was a lot. Antonietta determined it was three batches worth. First we washed the basil by rinsing it in one side of the two-sided sink, then the other, and repeating until clean. Then we spread them out on the kitchen table to dry on clean dish towels. Then I grated the parmigiano and romano cheeses while she got her blender ready and chopped the garlic. She eyeballed all the measurements, but I guess when it’s all delicious, it’s hard to mess up. We had bought most the pinoli nuts, but Giulio, Danile’s father had also gotten some fresh ones from the trees outside their apartment.

Antonietta blended each batch into perfectly-smooth green deliciousness. Then it was poured in what I would call plastic dixie cups, they call disposable espresso cups. We freeze them and each one can be thawed for the perfect “for two” serving. Or cut in half for a simple “for one” meal.

We have to leave our little babies here to freeze. They transport better (safer) once they are in solid / frozen form. But this is enough maybe to last a year, and now I know the secrets!

(Antonietta making pesto)

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