Daniele Visit

Daniele Visit

(View of New York City from New Jersey)

Daniele was able to visit from November 8 to December 5. We spent Thanksgiving together and took a trip out to California.

He flew into JFK. I told him I couldn’t get him from that airport so we met in Hoboken Station. It was perfect because we got to have dinner and walk around Hoboken (where I would like to live eventually). The next day we walked around downtown Jersey City (next town over) and the waterfront up to Liberty State Park. We saw how big the park was and decided to save that for another day. Around noon we took the light rail back to Hoboken and walked all over there including the waterfront and parks. Also had some yummy Thai food. I grabbed some open-in-the-winter Rita’s before we took the train to western NJ.

The next day we flew out of Philly for San Francisco. We were really early and our flight was four hours delayed because of fog. Eventually we made it out and had great adventures in California.

NJ and NY Pictures from Daniele’s visit: