Home in NJ

Home in NJ

My time back home has come to an end. This was a long stay, September to January but it was full of good stuff. I went to the Jersey Shore with my family, New Orleans with my mom and aunt, to California with Daniele, and twice to Boston.

In between my time in New Jersey was full or family parties, holidays, birthdays, seeing old friends, and as always, trying to organize all the junk I have stored at my parent’s house. I spent more time in NYC this time. Some credit for that has to go to my Aunt Linda who has been spoiling me bringing me to plays like Spiderman.

We also lost our forever puppy, Lady. I’m glad I was able to be home when it happened. We had 15 great years together.

Now I’m off again to Italy. Three more months before I get kicked out again.

Pictures from NJ:

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