Eggplant Preserving

I was recently having a conversation about preserving and prompted to write about how we preserve eggplant. There are two ways to do it, under oil and under vinegar. I prefer the under oil version (Melanzane Sott’olio), as the vinegar … (read more)

Changing Device Timezones

I spend months at a time in different timezones. However, I often won’t change my clocks. Sometimes someone will see my computer clock is wrong and point it out as if I don’t know how easy it is to change. … (read more)

Blue Angels in SF

Blue Angels in SF

Our friends Chris and Lori have a Blue Angels party every year. It’s also a fundraiser for the YMCA where Lori is on the board, which is really nice. They have the perfect location to watch the airshow, they are … (read more)

New Jersey Pit Stop

As much as I try to deny that I live in New Jersey with my parents, it is my legal address and where most of my stuff is (though I’m getting more and more to Rome). I much prefer more … (read more)