New Jersey Pit Stop

As much as I try to deny that I live in New Jersey with my parents, it is my legal address and where most of my stuff is (though I’m getting more and more to Rome). I much prefer more romantic version, where I’m a transient nomad going from city to city. Spending about half of my time in Rome and the other half, when I’m not legally allowed to spend more time in Italy, even though my fiance is Italian, traveling to various places.

It’s pretty exciting sounding when I put it like that!

Anyway, I had to come back a bit early from my summer in Rome for an appointment with the Italian Consulate or Newark. I have been working on my Italian citizenship for years (blood citizenship through my great-grandfather) even before I made plans to marry an Italian. Actually, probably could have saved a lot of time and money if I knew that was going to happen, but at least this way my mom gets dual citizenship, too. I’ll sum up that whole experience when it’s finally over in it’s own post. But the relevant part here is last September, after preparing for ages, holding the appointment for almost a year, reading everything we needed 10 times, they turned us down for something that they did not say they needed. At least Newark didn’t write down that it was needed on their site/forms. New York actually did I saw latter, but I apply through NJ where I’m a resident. When we got turned down last September I immediately made the next available appointment… for the following September. At the time, a year ago, I didn’t realize I was going to chop up my travel time so badly and I would have to fly home early for it.

I flew home Monday the 17th, our appointment was the 18th. We had a great person go through our application and they accepted it! I think if we had gotten her last time, I may already be an Italian citizen. Getting past this step means the consulate accepted the application, but it still has to be sent to Italy and actually accepted. Then in a few months we should be dual citizens and can then get passports just like American citizens get passports. I hear they’re wicked expensive, but at this point, I would probably pay anything.

So exciting!

Then that Saturday I got all my five bridesmaids together to go bridesmaid dress shopping. It was the first time everyone got together– which was the best part! We picked a dress at the end of the day, only to have them call a few days later and tell me its not actually available in the color I want. So, back at square one. Still a fun day.

Sunday, September 23rd, I turned 27. It’s so weird cause I was just 24 (barely, but true!) when I quit Adobe, packed up my apartment, flew to Vegas, and set off on my gypsy adventure. Those older that 27 can scoff all they want at that age, but I still don’t feel 24 anymore and the fact that this time has gone by so quickly but I can still physically feel myself aging is so horrifying that if I had a real job to quit again now, I just might do that. As it is I’m sort of out of radical early mid-life crisis actions.

Since I had just spent the day before with my best girlfriends, I was in the mood for a chill bday. I went into NYC and spent most the day with Danny G, Brian G, his GF, and Matt H. Brian and I have the same birthday and Danny had just moved to NYC, actually really close to Brian all in the East Village. Fun day!

When the night was finally over I found my [mom’s] car had been towed back in Hoboken. I had to walk a bazillion miles on already sore feet and pay a million dollars to get it back. The spot I parked in was apparently an individual’s reserved spot on the street. I didn’t know that was a thing!

During the week I got a bit of wedding stuff done. Then we had a jam packed weekend. My cousin Marc and his new bride Vivian just bought a house. They invited my parent’s and I over Friday for dinner to come check it out. Saturday his sister Michelle had a birthday party for her oldest, Eight-years-old already! Then Sunday we did a little combined birthday dinner for my uncle and I with my mom’s side. Monday my matron of honor went out with me to do some dress research. We found two beautiful dresses and now it’s just a matter of choosing.

Now, after those two crazy weeks back home, I’m off to California! I’m spending the month of October in my old stomping grounds, San Francisco, staying with the lovely Jenna H. I’m super excited to see old friends, drink beers, and not be home in NJ!