New York City With Daniele

New York City With Daniele

Back in November 2012, Daniele came to visit me in the States and spend Thanksgiving with my family. Since he takes very long vacations, we fit in a camping trip to some South-West parks rather than spend the whole time in NJ, more on that to come. Before we left, my very generous Aunt Linda let us use her timeshare at the Manhattan Club on November 12. This gave us two days to be tourists in NYC.

We mostly walked around and took in the sights. We passed through Times Square, Grand Central Station, the various characteristic sky scrapers, the New York Stock Exchange, and the adjacent building which served as the sight of George Washington’s inauguration. They apparently give free tours of the Federal Reserve, but you must book in advance. A few other sites we had hoped to see were still flooded out from the recent Hurricane Sandy.

The biggest thing we did was take a free tour of the New York Public Library. The Librarian who guided the tour was full of fun facts on everything from the building itself, the NY library system, and NYC history. Besides being a beautiful building, there is a great deal of information in there free to use by the public. It seems a bit intimidating walking into the grand entrance hall, but it is all fairly accessible. There are many historical pieces there, including maps and the original stuffed animals of Christopher Robbin.

And because we are such classy people, we finished our trip off with a visit to the symphony.

All 30 photos from the trip can be found here: