Corona Virus in Rome

Corona Virus in Rome

People are reaching out to me multiple times a day concerned about me here in Italy. So I just need to say, I’m fine. It’s not anything like the media has been describing. Though it might become that way soon; … (read more)

Rome in a Day, a Week, or a Lifetime

Rome in a Day, a Week, or a Lifetime

Everyone should visit Italy at some point in their lives. As the capital, with all its sites and major airport, Rome is very likely going to be a part of that visit. Whether you can give the Eternal City just … (read more)

Trying out AirBnb

This past September (2013), Daniele and I moved from the condo he owns to one his father owns. Daniele’s is located in Monterotondo, which is still in the Providence of Rome, but just outside the City of Rome. We could … (read more)

Our Home

I’ve been asked a few times to take pictures of our home in Monterotondo (Rome), Italy. It is a pretty new apartment building with a garage on the ground floor and four apartments on each of the three floors above. … (read more)

Changing Device Timezones

I spend months at a time in different timezones. However, I often won’t change my clocks. Sometimes someone will see my computer clock is wrong and point it out as if I don’t know how easy it is to change. … (read more)

Websites in Italian

I can’t really say how frustrating it is to use my browser when I’m in Italy sometimes. My browser, the application that runs the most on my computer. My computer, my dear friend. It’s a betrayal and an example of … (read more)

International cell phone forwarding

International cell phone forwarding

While traveling internationally I make calls back to the US. Even more important I want to receive calls made to my US number. It is a little complicated, so for my own memory and anyone else who may be interested, … (read more)

Back to Rome

In Costa Rica I decided for sure I wanted to go back to Italy as soon as possible. The police in Rome had explained to me I had to wait six-months to come back with another tourist visa (i.e. just … (read more)


I’ve had an itchy rash developing over the last two weeks. Fillipa and Daniele called it an allergy, but I was pretty paranoid it was something like bed bugs. Especially since Daniele already had an “allergy” and that seemed like … (read more)

Visa Issues

Today I had to visit the police in Rome. As procedure, I gave my passport to Filippa to show them as soon as I moved in. At a hotel or hostel they send all the passport numbers everyday. At a … (read more)