The bus from NY brought us to South Station pretty late. We grabbed some midnight burritos from Boloco and called it a night at the Midtown Hotel near Prudential. The next day we went around the city seeing sights as … (read more)

New York

We headed into New York City the morning of the 18th. It was a cold rainy day, but what can you do? We stayed in midtown at the Mayfair hotel, which was nice. We went out to Times Square then … (read more)

New Jersey

One the 16th we headed to my parent’s from Philly. We had dinner with my parents and Aunt Linda. My mom countered the dinner Daniele’s mom made for me with a citrus salad, cheese souffle, green beans, steak, and chocolate … (read more)


Daniele is visiting January 14 to February 7. We are spending the first part in the northeast US and the second part in Costa Rica. We started off in Philly since he flew in there. He arrived in the evening … (read more)

Home for the Holidays

As planned, I got to spend the holidays at home. All the way from Thanksgiving through New Years. It was amazing! I have been only coming home for holiday cameos for seven years, since I left for college at 17. … (read more)