New York

We headed into New York City the morning of the 18th. It was a cold rainy day, but what can you do? We stayed in midtown at the Mayfair hotel, which was nice. We went out to Times Square then walked Broadway to downtown. We stopped at a couple squares I can’t remember, Empire State Building (too fogy to go to the top), East Village, Union Square, then walked back up on 5th Avenue. We really liked downtown.

The next day we went to Little Italy. We went to the church from the baptism in the Godfather and discussed how commercial and not very Italian Little Italy is. We also went by China Town, Battery Park to take a view of the bay and Statue of Liberty, Financial District, Ground Zero, Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, and Court House. I was so tired that night we got delivery to the hotel. Daniele was in shock by both delivery food and that we were allowed to have it in the hotel.

Our last day we went to Central Park. We walked around there and saw some uptown sights. We also made friends with lots of birds and squirrels by sharing a little Chex Mix. I really didn’t want to go to any of the boroughs besides Manhattan. But we went for lunch and to walk around in Harlem, as a compromise since it is the closest.

Then we caught the bus to Boston to spend a few days there.

[Edit] Link to New York pictures from this trip: