New Jersey

One the 16th we headed to my parent’s from Philly. We had dinner with my parents and Aunt Linda. My mom countered the dinner Daniele’s mom made for me with a citrus salad, cheese souffle, green beans, steak, and chocolate cake. The “american” salad is strange (in a good way) to Daniele. Italians always only dress their salads with olive oil and vinegar. My dad treated Daniele to lots of Irish Cream and even more stories.

The next day we had Pizza Hut buffet. There are no Pizza Hut’s in Italy and he wanted to go. Then we went shopping at Jersey Gardens, a very big mall where most of the stores are outlets. We met Michelle and Aleks for dinner at a Cuban restaurant they know. They brought my little godson, Nicholas, but Aleks Jr and Lucy stayed home with my Aunt Maureen.