Gardini di Naxon and Aci Castello, Sicilia

Gardini di Naxon and Aci Castello, Sicilia

Continuing my trip in Calabria and Sicilia…

Hotels in Italy have limited check in hours, so in the evening we had to leave lovely Taormina and head to our next city: Giardini di Naxon, the next town over. This was 6/11 now. Once we found our hotel, we found dinner at Pianta Pizza, a delicious pizzeria on the main street through town. We spent the next morning at the beach here. It was very different from Taormina, even though it was only five minutes away. Taormina was breathtaking and full of international tourists. Giardini di Naxon was full of locals.

(Beach of Gardini di Naxon)

In the afternoon we stopped by the city of Aci Castello. We just walked around and checked out the castle built in 1076 by the Normans. There was also a wedding going on here. The town is right on a cliff’s edge offering views back to the rest of the gorgeous coast of Sicily.

(Castel of the city of Aci Castello)

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