Siracusa, Sicilia

Siracusa, Sicilia

Continuing my trip in Calabria and Sicilia…

In the evening we headed to Siracusa where were were spending our third night in Sicily (forth on this trip, there was one night in Calabria). Siracusa was founded 2,700 years ago by the Ancient Greek Corinthians. It was an important Mediterranean power in the ancient world and the birth place of Archimedes.

We were staying in Siracusa, but just outside Ortigia Island or Old Siracusa, where the historical center is and where we spent most of our time. Once we got settled in we took a night walk around the old island. We ate at a restaurant Daniele found online, Sicilia in Tavola, which was delicious!

(Lantern-lit park in Siracusa)

The next day, in the day-light, we really saw all the sights. We started by the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, right there when you first cross the bridge to Ortigia Island. Then we worked our way to the busy Main Square with the main Cathedral. We had walked by all these things the night before, but they looked so different in the daytime. Finally we walked around most of the coast. The waterfront had really interesting architecture in some places, like built-in pools. Also there were views back to the “mainland” (or bigger island of Sicily). Siracusa still has an active port, “Marina di Archimede”.

(Temple of Apollo)

(View of mainland Siracusa from Island of Ortigia)

The rest of the pictures from Siracusa are in my Calabria and Sicilia album: