Corrine’s Visit

My cousin Corrine, her daughter Celina, husband Anthony, and Anthony’s father recently made a trip to Italy. They spent most of the time with Anthony’s family and attending a wedding but we did get to spend one day together in Rome. They arrived late the night before and had an early flight the next day, so it really was just one day. Also it was at the end of their trip, so they were a bit tired. I met up with them to walk around a few of Rome’s sites. Once he finished work, Daniele joined us too, and we all had a good time. It was the first time Daniele got to meet them, so it was extra nice. I was hoping to bring them to one of the great restaurants around here, but they wanted to be back at there hotel near the airport by 9 PM and were sick of walking. Since Italians don’t eat dinner before 8PM (“only the waiters eat at this hour”) we just ate at the first touristy place we saw right by the Trevi Fountain; while they told us how much cheaper/better things are by Anthony’s family. What’s that? Things are cheaper in the countryside than they are in the city? Food isn’t that good at touristy restaurants? You don’t say, I had no idea!

I wasn’t caring a camera, giving it a rest after all the shooting Fabs and I had just done. So I didn’t get a picture of the group of us. I think one of them did, but I’ll probable never see it, like that wedding photo of Corrine and I have been asking about since May…