Daniele’s parents have a beach house in the Marche region. Marche is directly east of Rome on the other coast, about a 2.5 hours drive give or take. In fact the road we live on, Salaria (one of the ancient Roman roads named for it’s use in transporting salt) takes you right there. We have been meaning to make a trip and this week his shifts happened to have an extra day off right on the weekend. This meant that his brother, who works normal hours, could join us too. We also were able to coordinate with their cousin Giuliano and his wife Mariagrazia to join us for a day. They live a bit closer, actually very close to Assisi.

(The boys keeping dry under the beach umbrella)

The house itself is in Marina di Altidona part of a sort of condo complex. It is two floors with a small garden two minutes from the beach, super cute (I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture). The neighbors are all really nice and Daniele and Emanuele know all of them from when they would spend entire summers there.

We had 3-ish (7/22 – 7/24) days there. The day we arrived had the nicest weather and Daniele and I spent it on the beach. We also went around the nearby town of Torre di Palme. That night Emauele got in. He took a bus that came into Pedaso, which was a cute town, too. The next day Giuliano and Mariagrazia spent with us, but it rained on and off all day. We made the best of it and had two short beach trips and one long meal all together. The next day Daniele, Emanuele, and I walked around Montefiore dell’ Aso during the day and the busy San Benedetto del Tronto at night.

(View of hills outside Torre di Palme)

The rest of the photos from this trip are in my Marche album: