Kait’s Adventures has moved from Blogger to WordPress

Kait’s Adventures has moved from Blogger to WordPress

Google’s Blogger has been the home of my travel blog since the beginning in 2010. Blogger has been good to me. I even made $56 from people accidentally clicking the ads I had on the side bar, but I’ve moved the site to WordPress, now.

As a blogging platform, WordPress allows me to control the look of the site much more than Blogger does. Blogger only has a handful of themes, compared to the limitless WordPress themes out there, which are also more easily customized.

With self-hosted WordPress, I now keep all my content with my own web-hosting provider, which I’m not sure if is a good thing or not. I trust Google not to lose my data more than anyone. Still, nice to “own” it a little more. I appreciate how easy they make it to export all my past posts out, so can bring the past 5 years with me to my new blog.

Some people think that Blogger will go the way of other Google products that have been discontinued to make way for Google Plus. Google themselves uses Blogger for announcements, so I don’t know. But it does feel a bit like abandon-ware over at Blogger. Another good reason to leave.

Blogger gave a way for readers to subscribe and receive new posts via email. However I have no idea who was using this feature and have no way of getting their names out of there. My new site here has a sign up form to get emails from me. If you like that, please sign up using the form here to get emails from me when I put up new posts. Here, I’ll put the form right here for you.

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If you're like my mom and can't be bothered to check for new posts, I'll just send them to your email.
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Isn’t that neat?! I’ve no idea how to do something like that in Blogger. There is also RSS if that’s more your thing.

WordPress makes it so easy to add little widgets, like the search and translate bars on your right. OK, Google does search and translate and widgets, too. But I like these better.

WordPress also organizes posts in two ways: Categories and Tags. Categories have a hierarchical structure, which makes them perfect for location info here in my travel blog, in my opinion. And tags work just like tags normally do. So if I write a post about things to do in Rome, I can give that post the Italy, Lazio, and Rome categories and some tags like travel, restaurants, or whatever I’m talking about.

I think this organization combined with being able to place widgets prominently makes this site much easier to navigate than the old one. Before, if I wanted to find an old post, I would Google “Kait” with the name of the post in order to find it. Now, I have my own little search bar, or I can probably quickly find what I’m looking for from the Places widget.

Also my front page is so much prettier now, with pictures and little excerpts from my most recent posts. Before it was my most recent (or specific, if arriving via a deep link) post with previous posts concatenated after, forming a seemingly endless page. This also meant there was no way to read the “next” post if it existed.

The old site will live on at its blogspot URL, kaitsadventures.blogspot.com, frozen in time for as long as Google keeps hosting it.

So that’s all. I just wanted to announce my new shinny website for my blog. Happy travels!